Westlake, Texas


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Anonymous asked:

what do you mean on the field?

Mackenzie Kendall answered:

I was on drill team (dance team) and I did mascot/crew.

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"You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands."

Isaiah 55:12

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Anonymous asked:

What did you used to wear to highschool football games? Thanks so much:)

Mackenzie Kendall answered:

I was always on the field during football games, so I never wore normal clothes! However, most girls would wear shorts/jeans and a causal top! :)

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Anonymous asked:

are you going to the ole miss/lsu away game?

Mackenzie Kendall answered:

I was originally planning on it, but now I can’t go anymore! I have two huge tests on that Monday, and another hard one on Wednesday! My grades need to come first, but it will definitely be an awesome game!

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"Today is another chance to get it right."
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Anonymous asked:

I will be touring Ole Miss soon, and I am very excited! I will be there for 2 days, and other than the actual planned tour through the school I do not know what else to do. What are some must see things in Oxford?

Mackenzie Kendall answered:

You definitely have to check out the grove, the campus, and the square!
There is great shopping on the square! Here are my favorite restaurants in Oxford: Boure, Ajax, city grocery, snack bar, BBB (breakfast), south depot, and Jinsei.
Hope you have a fantastic visit! I absolutely love Oxford- it’s the perfect college town!

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the-pandemonium-owl asked:

It's strange. I've been following you're blog for a year and from what it seems we have very different personalities, beliefs, interests and hobbies, even dressing styles, yet you have this charisma and genuine that is so attractive. I feel like if I was to actually know you in my life you'd be that friend who is a fresh breather out of my circle. Keep it up!

Mackenzie Kendall answered:

Thank you very much! You are so kind!!

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Anonymous asked:

Hi Mackenzie! I hope you've had a wonderful Monday! :) I want to ask your opinion on Bean boots, and whether I should get 6 inch or 8 inch ones! :)

Mackenzie Kendall answered:

Thank you! I prefer the 8” :)

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